Dating For Science. and today for a few male viewpoint

Dating For Science. and today for a few male viewpoint

jonlacksanh-deactivated20140426 asked: could it be ever okay to deliver someone a message that is second they don’t really react to the initial? I’ve constantly seen no reaction as a polite no, however the more relationship blogs We read, the greater amount of We see individuals whining about extremely persistent dudes, this means a great deal of dudes are performing this, making me wonder, performs this ever in fact work? Have you ever taken care of immediately a 2nd message? Is there a good hypothetical situation where, months later on, a snubbed suitor could redeem himself on their second try?

Thanks for the concern. I do believe lots of people wonder relating to this we can get a little he said/she said thang going so I decided to get a male perspective too so.

DFS factor Matthew P. has many ideas however before we arrive at that, here’s my woman viewpoint:

We definitely believe it is okay to send a 2nd message if you’re genuinely thinking about the individual and also have one thing worthwhile to state. (Worthwhile could be the key term here.) There are many reasons why i actually do maybe maybe not respond to very first communications:

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