REAP Analytics: “Reddit’s “Female Dating Strategy” is really a Breeding Ground for Female Supremacists”

REAP Analytics: “Reddit’s “Female Dating Strategy” is really a Breeding Ground for Female Supremacists”

REAP Analytic’s suite of cutting-edge tools unambiguously shows that Female Dating Strategy is an online reproduction ground for feminine Supremacists.”

LONDON, UK — REAP Analytics is really a nimble, distributed Team totally funded through Donations and Sponsorships. REAPРІР‚в„ўs formal mission declaration is to “Track, Observe, Analyze and Report” Female Supremacy on line.

You want to ensure it is definitely clear that everything we are reporting and tracking is certainly not Feminism, and this can be quite refined and high in nuances. We look for and Report Hate Speech and Eugenism, Hatred based on Identity, calls to male that is abort just, demands Violence against guys, Transgender Persons, Male young ones and Male children.

Lukas Merville, REAP Founder and CTO, has designed a easy algorithm which their group affectionately baptised post-hoc Brother Eye”. Brother Eye scans and logs content that is objectionable online. A community which offers dating advice to Women for the time being, Brother Eye scans Reddit exclusively and more specifically Female Dating Strategy”.

Feminine Dating Strategy is really a vivid exemplory instance of just how effortlessly smart, very educated social networking users is radicalized unbeknownst in their mind.

The info REAP has gathered should raise a couple of eyebrows. The Female Dating Strategy community promotes the scene that ladies are superior in all respects, the need of Eugenism, that killing guys is a Duty, that 99% of males are No Value Males (NVM) or Low-Value Males (LVM) and that aborting male infants, and babies that are male is desirable.

That which we have observed in this community is obviously a breach of RedditРІР‚в„ўs very own content guidelines. Are these views Reddit aids? Reddit Leadership must certanly be livid. Read more