Movie Habboon Resort – Staff Reaction [Habbo Revealed Report #2]

Movie Habboon Resort – Staff Reaction [Habbo Revealed Report #2]


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Habboon Staff & users respond to a video clip created by Habbo Revealed before, displaying exactly just how insecure users are kept on Habboon, with a good example of bullying occurring between users, in addition to staff maybe maybe not going to react to necessitate assistance reports. Contains a special meeting with Wrath, certainly one of Habboon resort’s owner.

Disclaimer: All footage happens to be captured on



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That is useless. Did anyone being bullied obtain a digital Age Gap dating app eye that is black pixelated bloody nose or something like that? Did someone register an urgent situation are accountable to the network-nanny to simply help separate these children up so that they do not unintentionally get e-fucked by somebody typing that is else to death? Welcome to the net, where this type or sort of crap occurred right away, and certainly will never ever disappear.

Then maybe you should log off if you have a serious problem with being bullied on the internet (especially on a Habbo-wannabe clone. You should be yes not to ever trip on the charged cord on the road out of the home. Read more