Just how to Securely Manage Customers in Your Node App

Just how to Securely Manage Customers in Your Node App

If you’re creating a website that is non-trivial odds are you’ll want a way to help keep tabs on users. This is often quite complex and need a deal that is g d of, but one of the most protected and scalable ways can be among the easiest. Using an OAuth 2.0 provider enables you to offload these tasks to a provider that is external making your lifetime as a designer a great deal simpler.

When working with an OAuth provider, it’s easy to register and maintain users securely, but usually the information that is only have about your users is the name and email. This renders you having to keep a database that is separate of regarding the users, but is not that part of everything you had been wanting to avoid?

Luckily, there’s a better way! Using Okta, you can not only connect users to your software, you’ll be able to store just as much additional metadata as you’d like regarding the users. Just What site have actually you logged into recently that doesn’t give you the option of changing your profile information (name, date of delivery, avatar, etc.)? There aren’t many today.

On this page, I’ll show you how exactly to produce an software in Node that provides a dashboard for the users and gives them the ability to modify their profile information, all without ever starting a database.

What exactly is Okta?

Okta is a service that is flexible makes it super easy for designers in order to connect users to any or all forms of apps. Okta handles login, logout, registration, multi-factor verification, also as saving user information. You also obtain an amazing admin experience that lets you get up and operating ina moment but can still be configured to your heart’s desire! From the designer console, you can disable users, create groups of users, edit individual pages, create admin tokens, require certain elements of users to make use of multi-factor verification, and a whole lot. Read more